Nginx location regex for processing php extension less files

Dear Nginx Forum Members,

I wish to implement the following which is working perfectly under
Apache. This is being done for better SEO of the URLs.

Example URLS:

What I am exactly looking forward to is a location regex to catch all
extension-less php scripts in the ROOT FOLDER ONLY for processing by

In all the above URLs “enter”, “register”, “sitemap”,
“know_your_gemstone” are all PHP scripts and what follows them are dummy
file names generated by PHP for SEO. Actually
“indian_astrology_horoscope_chart_prediction.html” file name does not
exist. In Apache, I use the following:

DefaultType application/x-httpd-php

In the last of the above URL, “gID-7” is used to pass a variable to the
script to show appropriate content. While this URL is showing DYNAMIC
content, the URL is so crafted that is looks like a STATIC URL which can
be indexed by search engines easily. This variable parsing is done in
PHP already and has nothing to do with Nginx.

I need to know how best can this be implemented under NGINX?

I have a VPS running ubuntu where I have installed nginx with php-fpm
and for normal URL’s like index.htm / index.php the setup is working
fine. I am not a pro in regex writing hence I am stuck up at this
juncture. I searched online under many nginx blogs / forum but could not
find the right solution.

I am using the latest development version of Nginx v1.1.17 with php
v5.3.6.13. I have also compiled additional modules like more header,
cache purge, memcache etc.

Any help on this will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance…


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