Nginx Load Balancer - Random file named "download" when using Chrome

Hi guys,

We are using Nginx 1.4.6 as a Load Balancer for our website. Sometimes,
when a user loads the website, the browser will start downloading a
file named “download” which contains the HTTP Response headers. So far,
what we know is that it only happens when the browser is Chrome and it’s
maybe once every 60-70 page loads. I’ve narrowed it down to the LB since
loading the page directly on the app server never triggers a download.

You also see the following error : “Resource interpreted as Document but
transferred with MIME type application/octet-stream:” in the Chrome

Any ideas?

nginx serves content, but does not generate it.
If users download anything, it is either related to the application or
the client (browser module?).

I suggest you check both sides to find where/how this URI is generated
why it is accessed.
The incorrect MIME type means a backend has badly positioned a
header, or in its absence nginx has been configured to serve this URI as
application/octet-stream (cf.
Module ngx_http_core_module).
For its content, as stated before, nginx does not generate it by itself:
you will need to find its source.

​Happy debugging,​

B. R.

On Wed, Dec 30, 2015 at 5:23 AM, Laurent D. [email protected]