Nginx living behind Amazon LoadBalancer reporting large number of 400 Bad Requests

I have a set of Amazon EC2 servers living behind one of the Amazon
elastic load balancers. For some reason one set is reporting a large
number of 400 Bad Request messages that appear to originate with the
load balancer. Traffic can still come in and out just fine but this is
concerning me. Was wondering if anyone has seen this with Nginx or with
Amazon cloud stuff before. Cannot seem to find any references to it out
there. Mainly, I am trying to nail it down to either a Nginx problem or
an Amazon problem so I can get this solved.
I have tried the only mention to 400 error problems which was adding
“large_client_header_buffers 4 8k” to my default config file but has not
made any difference.


Posted at Nginx Forum:

it’s Amazon’s problem. 400 errors mean that the other side connected,
didn’t send HTTP request. This is common behavior among dumb load
that only check if port is open and not if web server really works.

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