Nginx involvement is a cms infrastructure

Deal all,

Since I was begging for answers in “Server optimizations for php” thread
and now have gone through some of it, I would like to share some of the

The goal was to move away from a apache+mod_php to nginx+fast-cgi and in
mean time also separate requests that should be dealt separately (very
common file such as prototype.js etc)

We are a cms hosting company and we dont have one BIG website, we have
thousands of small websites that really share everything with the same

Here is a small current diagram:

and some commentary about it.

This is just one part of our business where nginx is deployed ans is
powering 20K+ websites of trivial to very complex structure.

Moving away from apache to nginx+php-fpm was a good experience over all
blaming apache or anything, just a good experience)
You may want to compare with the last version , which did not scale .