Nginx-http-rdns module

Hi guys!

Our small Russian company ( is pleased to announce new module
called nginx-http-rdns.

As you can see from its name, the main feature of this module is making
reverse DNS lookups to get DNS name of client’s IP address.


  • usual rDNS lookup (saving result in $rdns_hostname variable) [rdns
  • “double lookup”: rDNS to get the name and DNS to get the IP address
    back [rdns double];
  • rewrite module support (“rdns” can be used inside “if” blocks);
  • simple access control to allow/deny connections from given DNS names
    [rdns_allow & rdns_deny].

We use this module in production for a long time so it should be pretty

Source code, docs (and your forks? :-)) are at GitHub:

The documentation based on our README file is here:

P.S. We have Russian documentation as well:

Dmitry Shurupov,
CSJC Flant

+7 (495) 721-10-27

Here’s a fix for a typo;

static void dns_handler(ngx_resolver_ctx_t * rctx) {;
static void dns_handler(ngx_resolver_ctx_t * rctx) {

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