Nginx have directives like httpd's MaxRequestsPerChild

hi there, does nginx have directives like apache’s MaxRequestsPerChild?

Description:Limit on the number of requests that an individual child
server will handle during its life
Syntax: MaxRequestsPerChild number

I only found nginx’s worker_connections directive, they are quite

Is there a similar one? or why nginx doesn’t need it?

Many thanks!

On Saturday 11 October 2014 11:57:47 MerKer Xu wrote:

There are at least three arguments that I think make it a low priority:

  1. Memory or socket leaks in nginx are something rare and usually
    considered as a
    serious bug (note also, that Apache has mod_php and friends, which
    often suffer
    from leaks);

  2. Each worker process in Apache handles only one connection at a time,
    while nginx
    workers are able (and usually do) to handle millions of long lived
    simultaneously. So restarting an nginx worker without requests loss
    isn’t a
    trivial task and can consume significant time;

    See: Redirecting…

  3. Such functionality (if needed) can be easily implemented even with
    much more power
    using cron and/or some scripts, since nginx supports reloading and
    upgrading without
    interruption of the client servicing.

    And because nginx usually has only a few workers, reloading all of
    them at the same
    time isn’t painful.

    See: Controlling nginx

wbr, Valentin V. Bartenev