Nginx Deployments in Practice

My nginx needs are (1) stable nginx, (2) patched nginx, and (3)
something I can modify. The last is what concerns me - I want to
ensure I don’t lose my changes and enhancements while pursuing (1) and

What are folks finding is the easiest way to ensure stable and patched
nginx is used in the engineering process?


I build packages using omnibus -

2013/12/11 Brian A. [email protected]:

I build packages using omnibus -

Thanks Brian. It appears omnibus-nginx does not contain the nginx
sources. Is it safe to assume you provide them?

What version of nginx do you currently use? Do you have any custom
code that might create conflicts when stable changes from 1.4.4 to X
(would X be 1.4.6 or 1.6)?



On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 5:55 PM, 54chen wrote:

Omnibus seems use AgentZh’s ngx tar.gz.

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2013/12/12 Yichun Z. (agentzh) removed_email_a[email protected]

Omnibus seems use AgentZh’s ngx tar.gz. See

2013/12/11 Jeffrey W. [email protected]