Nginx-Clojure v0.4.2

Nginx-Clojure 0.4.2 (2015-08-31)

  1. New Feature: Support Sente (issue #87, see this PR
    (add nginx-clojure support by xfeep · Pull Request #160 · taoensso/sente · GitHub)) )
  2. New Feature: Per-message Compression Extensions (PMCEs) for WebSocket
    (issue #88)
  3. New Feature: Add add-aggregated-listener! to makes handling small but
    fragmented websocket messages easier by clojure.
  4. Enhancement: Support to build on a Linux ARM machine
  5. Bug Fix: WebSocket and Server Channel do not Work with Some Ring
    Middlewares (issue#89)
  6. Bug Fix: Autodetect jvm_path doesn’t work sometimes

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