Nginx-Clojure v0.4.0 Release!

0.4.0 (2015-07-06)

New Feature: Server Side Websocket (issue #73)
New Feature: A build-in Jersey container to support java standard
web services (JAX-RS 2.0) (issue #74)
New Feature: Tomcat 8 embedding support (so servlet
websocket work within nginx!) (issue #67)
New Feature: Coroutined Based Client Socket Supports to Bind to
Specified IP
Address (issue #69)
New Feature: Handler’s Property Configuration (issue #66)
Enhancement: NginxHttpServerChannel can work with Rewrite Handler or
Handler (issue #79)
Enhancement: Configurable Write Buffer Size for SSE or Websocket (issue
Bug Fix: When we do not configure jvm_path proxy_pass will not work
Bug Fix: nginx worker restart when get the value of header
(issue #70)
Bug Fix: proxy_cache_path causes crash (issue #64)
Bug Fix: send_timeout does not take effect with NginxHttpServerChannel
(issue #78)
Bug Fix: Waving tool generates wrong wave information of fuzzing classes
(issue #80)
Documents : Release History link in README (issue #68)
Binaries Distribution: built with The latest stable Nginx v1.8.0 which
released at 2015-04-21.

Binaries of Releases (for linux, windows and macosx)
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Freebsd users can get old v0.3.0 from
FreshPorts -- www/nginx: Robust and small WWW server
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Releases · nginx-clojure/nginx-clojure · GitHub
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Freebsd port upgraded nginx clojure module from 0.3.0 to 0.4.0!
So on Freebsd we can chose clojure module to enable it after run
pkg install nginx
cd /usr/ports/www/nginx
make config

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