Nginx auth users

Hello i am slowly migrating from apache to Nginx

So far everything is running smoothly and i have to say from all the
benchmark tests Nginx has improved performance by 60% that is incredible
i havent even drived into performance tuning.

Anyway we have numerous websites that require a list of specific users
to be
able to access, normally we handle this with a htpasswd file and require
user on apache.

We have hundreds of different users, and based on the other solutions i
seen such as having separate files for each website with those users in
those files.

This seems highly impracticable to me as some users have access to
websites so these users would have to be duplicated within each of these
separate user files.

So i was wondering is there another work around? where i dont have to
every user out of the htpasswd file and enter them into separate files,
i can script this in perl but there must be an easier option and just
sticking with one user file.

Any response would be appreciated

Thank you for your time in reading this post.

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