Nginx and upstart


I have seen this question has been asked before in the list, but
unfortunately there haven’t been any answers, so let’s see if I have
more luck :slight_smile:

In can successfully upgrade the nginx binary on the fly as documented

However, if nginx was started via Upstart and then upgraded like this,
Upstart ends up in a confused state:
“status nginx” will show that nginx is running, but no PID is shown.
“stop nginx” states that the upstart job is stopped (but nginx is still
“start nginx” states that it works, but Upstart shows no PID as it
normally does.
“reload nginx” says “unknown instance”

The only way to fix this is to actually manually stop and start nginx,
but then there is some downtime. Is it possible to work around this
problem? Should I avoid using Upstart? If yes, what are my options to
run nginx with the on-the-fly upgrade possibility?

Cheers, Ingo =;->