Nginx 301 redirection problem


Hi all,

I’m new on this list and (nearly) newbie with Nginx, so, please, be
patient with my poor brain :wink:

Here’s the problem i got : on my blog, i’ve got some reference on old
directories . I tried a rewrite rule to redirect these old links to
the correct directory.

Some possible case :

(url)/wordpress => (url)
(url)/wordpress/public/path/to/image/image.jpg => (url)/public/path/
and so one.

My Nginx conf file :

server {

location /wordpress {
rewrite ^/wordpress//?(.(…)?)$$1

At this time, i can redirect /wordpress to my domain, /wordpress/
something to /something, but i can’t redirect when i try to get a
file. IE : /wordpress/something/image.jpg won’t redirect my request at

Can anyone help me?

Thanks per advance.

Bousmanne Cédric