NGINX 2014 survey: I know you have opinions


As Valentin mentioned in another thread, its that time of year again
when we want to tune up our strategy; see how NGINX is used; what you
the community thinks of us; where we can improve our products,
communications or community; and so on. Please take a moment and fill
out this survey[1] and let us know how we can be more valuable in your
organizations future.

Happy spring.

(on behalf of the Nginx team globally.)


Dear Sarah.

Due to the fact that the survey is over now, please can you tell us what
the outcome was?

Best regards

Am 23-04-2014 18:32, schrieb Sarah Novotny:

Hi Aleks,

We have a team analyzing the results over the next few weeks. (There
was an amazing number of responses.)

Ill post a summary on our blog[0] when we finish that analysis.


[0] Blog - NGINX

Hi Sarah.

Great, thanks.

BR Aleks

Am 05-05-2014 19:22, schrieb Sarah Novotny: