Nginx 100% cpu usage


im using nginx 0.8.54 in front of a tomcat. its running since 1 week
now, and with just a few open sessions, nginx is using 100% cpu.

strace is telling that ‘munmap’ is responsible for 94%. so looks like
some sort of memory problem,
but top shows that 400mb is free from the 4gb total memory.

more detailed logs (strace sample/top/nginx acces/error logs)

note this is a vmware virtual machine.

any tips?

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any tips?

0.8.54 is like 2 years old already and there have been few bugs relating
cpu hogging.


Hi Reinis,

I was using nginx as part of the CloudFoundry framework, so first i
tried to use the nginx version they provided.
but i couldn’t figure it out, so I just did an upgrade to 1.1.5 (that
was the latest i could use with the required plugins)

cpu hogging is gone,
thanks for the tip!



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