Changes with nginx 1.7.7 28 Oct

*) Change: now nginx takes into account the "Vary" header line in a
   backend response while caching.

*) Feature: the "proxy_force_ranges", "fastcgi_force_ranges",
   "scgi_force_ranges", and "uwsgi_force_ranges" directives.

*) Feature: the "proxy_limit_rate", "fastcgi_limit_rate",
   "scgi_limit_rate", and "uwsgi_limit_rate" directives.

*) Feature: the "Vary" parameter of the "proxy_ignore_headers",
   "fastcgi_ignore_headers", "scgi_ignore_headers", and
   "uwsgi_ignore_headers" directives.

*) Bugfix: the last part of a response received from a backend with
   unbufferred proxy might not be sent to a client if "gzip" or 

directives were used.

*) Bugfix: in the "proxy_cache_revalidate" directive.
   Thanks to Piotr S..

*) Bugfix: in error handling.
   Thanks to Yichun Z. and Daniil Bondarev.

*) Bugfix: in the "proxy_next_upstream_tries" and
   "proxy_next_upstream_timeout" directives.
   Thanks to Feng Gu.

*) Bugfix: nginx/Windows could not be built with MinGW-w64 gcc.
   Thanks to Kouhei S..

Maxim D.

Hello Nginx users,

Now available: Nginx 1.7.7 for Windows Nginx 1.7.7 for Windows – Kevin Worthington (32-bit and
64-bit versions)

These versions are to support legacy users who are already using Cygwin
based builds of Nginx. Officially supported native Windows binaries are

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Kevin W.
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