Nginx 1.4.2 2516#12636: CreateFile()

i added the cache configuration in my nginx.conf ,like this :

location ~ .*.(js|css|ico|jpg|jpeg|png|gif)$
expires 7d;
root cache;
proxy_store on;

     But i coudlen't login my app ,the error log is :

2014/05/07 09:27:13 [error] 2516#12636: *11 CreateFile()
“D:/myapp/nginx-1.4.2/cache/myapp/static/msgengine/msgengine.js” failed
The system cannot find the path specified), client:,
server:, request: “GET /myapp/static/msgengine/msgengine.js HTTP/1.1”,
“”, referrer: “

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          root cache;


root = nginx base + root value, so it looks for your app where you told
to look.

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