Changes with nginx 1.1.13 16 Jan

*) Feature: the "TLSv1.1" and "TLSv1.2" parameters of the
   "ssl_protocols" directive.

*) Bugfix: the "limit_req" directive parameters were not inherited
   correctly; the bug had appeared in 1.1.12.

*) Bugfix: the "proxy_redirect" directive incorrectly processed
   "Refresh" header if regular expression were used.

*) Bugfix: the "proxy_cache_use_stale" directive with "error" 

did not return answer from cache if there were no live upstreams.

*) Bugfix: the "worker_cpu_affinity" directive might not work.

*) Bugfix: nginx could not be built on Solaris; the bug had appeared 


*) Bugfix: in the ngx_http_mp4_module.

Maxim D.

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Posted at Nginx Forum:

Hello Nginx U.s,

Just released: Nginx 1.1.13 For Windows Nginx 1.1.13 for Windows – Kevin Worthington (32-bit
and 64-bit versions)

These versions are to support legacy users who are already using
Cygwin based builds of Nginx. Official Windows binaries are at

Thank you,

Kevin W.
kworthington *@~ #gmail} [dot) {com]