Changes with nginx 1.1.10 30 Nov

*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault occured in a worker process if AIO 

used on Linux; the bug had appeared in 1.1.9.

Maxim D.

Hello Nginx U.s,

Just released: Nginx 1.1.10 For Windows (32-bit
and 64-bit versions)

These versions are to support legacy users who are already using
Cygwin based builds of Nginx. Official Windows binaries are at

Thank you,

Kevin W.
kworthington ~at} gmail [dot)C0M-

There are native Windows builds at

Kevin W.

oups! sorry, till now that i’ve figured why some times i found the
libraries and sometimes no, i thought it was just the files that i’ve to
replace, dident know that they ARE DIFFERENT RELEASES!
thank you :slight_smile:
and by the way; what is the difference between the cygwin build and the
windows build?

2011/12/1 Kevin W. [email protected]

The native builds are official builds by, built with native
windows tools, and the Cygwin builds are unofficial (built by me)
using Cygwin,

Best regards,

Kevin W.

On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 3:38 PM, aliane abdelouahab

thank you for the realse, but why there is no “proper” windows build
(without cygwin)?

2011/12/1 Kevin W. [email protected]

ah ok :slight_smile:
but the problem i’ve found when running the cygwin version is that when
trying to change the directory it raises a bug, because it considers
the root is cygdrive, am sorry, because i’ve never used cygwin, so my
apologies for this question :slight_smile:

2011/12/1 Kevin W. [email protected]

thank you for the efforts :wink:

2011/12/2 Kevin W. [email protected]

If given the choice, use the official native Windows builds. The
builds I provide are to support legacy (existing) Cygwin based Nginx

Best regards,

Kevin W.

On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 3:05 PM, aliane abdelouahab

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