Nginx 1.0.12 proxy_redirect

I was really hoping this feature from the 1.1.11 realse would make it
into the next stable release (1.0.12)
*) Feature: the “proxy_redirect” directive supports variables in the
first parameter.

Looks like it didn’t make the cut. Any chance of making the next
release? The current limitation of variables to only the second
parameter makes this feature a bit cumbersome.

Because of a number of backend apps that try to redirect, I have to do:

proxy_redirect http://site_1:8080/ http://site_1/;

proxy_redirect http://site_2:8080/ http://site_2/;

proxy_redirect http://site_3:8080/ http://site_3/;

proxy_redirect http://site_n:8080/ http://site_n/;

in my proxy params file instead of a simple:

proxy_redirect http://:8080$host/ http://$host/;

Please consider adding it.