Changes with nginx 0.8.34 03 Mar

*) Bugfix: nginx did not support all ciphers and digests used in 

Thanks to Innocenty Enikeew.

*) Bugfix: nginx cached incorrectly FastCGI responses if there was
   large stderr output before response.

*) Bugfix: nginx did not support HTTPS referrers.

*) Bugfix: nginx/Windows might not find file if path in 

was given in other character case; the bug had appeared in

*) Bugfix: the $date_local variable has an incorrect value, if the 

format was used.
Thanks to Maxim D…

*) Bugfix: if ssl_session_cache was not set or was set to "none", 

during client certificate verify the error “session id context
uninitialized” might occur; the bug had appeared in 0.7.1.

*) Bugfix: a geo range returned default value if the range included 

or more /16 networks and did not begin at /16 network boundary.

*) Bugfix: a block used in a "stub" parameter of an "include" SSI
   directive was output with "text/plain" MIME type.

*) Bugfix: $r->sleep() did not work; the bug had appeared in 0.8.11.

Igor S.