Nginx 0.7.67 + Apache how to forbid responses with Set-Cookie being stored


I am caching apache with nginx. Application is developed by several
people and consists of many modules.
I would like to be sure that if by any case application sets Set-Cookie
in the response and sets X-Accel-Expires > 0 it would not get cached

Can i any how use proxy_no_cache with $upstream_http_ variables?
Can I use apache mod_headers to append or modify specific header only in
case set-cookie occurs in the response?

It is easy by looking at the request headers, but have no luck finding
solution for response headers.
My general idea is to have 100% certainty that responses with Set-Cookie
does not get cached.

0.7.67 is not negotiable as it is debian stable in production.
Apache version 2.2.x

Thanks in advance, Tomasz Kraus

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