Nginx 0.7.65 rewrite url with querystring problem?

Hi, all

Recently, I altered my web server lighty to nginx. And now, Struggling
with some problems.

First, I have a site in nginx which only rewrites urls and redircts them
to a new domain, and this site has exactly no file in its root
I put some rewrite rules (just string rules, no querystring) in my

list 1
rewrite ^/index_([0-9]+)(.*)$ /forum-$1-1.html last;
rewrite ^/dispbbs_([0-9]+)_([0-9]+).html$ /thread-$2-1-1.html last;

Those rules work perfect till now.

However, some rules that used to rewrite url with querystring do not
work as hoped.

list 2
location /index.asp {
if ($arg_boardid ~ “^([0-9]+)”) {
rewrite ^ /forum-$arg_boardid-1.html break;
rewrite ^ /index.php break;
location /dispbbs.asp {
rewrite ^ /thread-$arg_id-1-1.html break;

And, these rules are converted from rules under httpd server,

list 3
^/dispbbs.asp?boardID=([0-9]+)&ID=([0-9]+).$ /thread-$2-1-1.html;
)&id=([0-9]+)(.)$ /thread-$2-1-1.html;
)$ /forum-$1-1.html;
^/index.asp?boardid=([0-9]+)$ /forum-$1-1.html;
^/index.asp$ /index.php;

So, what’s the matter with rules listed in the list 2? and how could I
make it woking.



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