Changes with nginx 0.7.64 16 Nov

*) Security: now SSL/TLS renegotiation is disabled.
   Thanks to Maxim D..

*) Bugfix: nginx sent gzipped responses to clients those do not 

gzip, if “gzip_static on” and “gzip_vary off”; the bug had
in 0.7.63.

*) Bugfix: if names .domain.tld, .sub.domain.tld, and 

were defined, then the name .sub.domain.tld was matched by

*) Bugfix: segmentation fault and infinite looping in resolver.

*) Bugfix: in resolver.
   Thanks to Artem Bokhan.

*) Bugfix: resolver cache poisoning.
   Thanks to Matthew Dempsky.

*) Bugfix: memory leak in resolver.
   Thanks to Matthew Dempsky.