Changes with nginx 0.7.42 16 Mar

*) Change: now the "Invalid argument" error returned by
   setsockopt(TCP_NODELAY) on Solaris, is ignored.

*) Change: now if a file specified in a "auth_basic_user_file"
   directive is absent, then the 405 error is returned instead of 

500 one.

*) Feature: the "auth_basic_user_file" directive supports variables.
   Thanks to Kirill A. Korinskiy.

*) Feature: the "listen" directive supports the "ipv6only" 

Thanks to Zhang Hua.

*) Bugfix: in an "alias" directive with references to captures of
   regular expressions; the bug had appeared in 0.7.40.

*) Bugfix: compatibility with Tru64 UNIX.
   Thanks to Dustin Marquess.

*) Bugfix: nginx could not be built without PCRE library; the bug 

appeared in 0.7.41.

2009/3/16 Igor S. [email protected]:

  *) Change: now if a file specified in a “auth_basic_user_file”
   directive is absent, then the 405 error is returned instead of the
   500 one.

Shouldn’t it be a 403? 405 doesnt’ seem right there.

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 12:45:37AM -0700, mike wrote:

2009/3/16 Igor S. [email protected]:

š š*) Change: now if a file specified in a “auth_basic_user_file”
š š š directive is absent, then the 405 error is returned instead of the
š š š 500 one.

Shouldn’t it be a 403? 405 doesnt’ seem right there.

Yes, this is typo.

Nginx 0.7.42 for Windows is now available:

Kevin W.

Excellent. Thanks for the quick release! This is going on production
right now :slight_smile:

For the future it might be cool to also allow for “auth_basic” to also
accept the variable too (for customized realm names)

2009/3/16 Igor S. [email protected]:

How about when it will be deemed stable (been running it fine ever
since I decided to use nginx …) and consider 0.6.x legacy instead?

2009/3/17 Athan D. [email protected]:

good catch.

Why 0.7 is not considered stable?

I would guess that it will be stable when Igor releases 0.8.x.

However, did PHP fastcgi recently break? I am referring to the incorrect
server name as - maybe it isn’t broken, just saying, perhaps
possible issues like this is why. Also, more importantly, new features
been introduced that are still going through iterations (the try_files
directive, specifically). Generally, this is what staves off
“stable-ness”. This is why debian packages are so old in the stable
btw - they do not update package versions or add new packages except for
security concerns - this is what makes it stable (rarely changing), as
opposed to volatile (often changing) system.

That said, many of us use the development branch in production, as
really a
recompile of the binary is no problem when you can switch the processes
zero downtime :). NginX is one of the better programs out there to have
the cutting edge; Igore is from what I’ve seen very careful in what he
or changes and it always seems to be improving, with fewer bugs being
introduced than fixed (which is awesome!).

  • Merlin

i would think it’s nginx’s fastcgi, not php’s fastcgi.

nginx’s told to fastcgi_param SERVER_ADDR the same, and the version of
nginx changed, nothing else - PHP didn’t, etc. so the problem from
that angle is localized to something on the nginx side.

It should be easy to test. Define fastcgi_param SERVER_ADDR as a
constant (say your real IP) in your fastcgi_params file and see what’s
passed in phpinfo.

BTW, a similar bug appeared before and I pulled my hair out over it.
Igor did subsequently fix it in 0.7.20. It’s in the changelog.

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Any idea when 0.7xx new features will be backported to stable tree


+1 for 0.7.* to be stable

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