Changes with nginx 0.7.34 10 Feb

*) Feature: the "off" parameter of the "if_modified_since" 


*) Feature: now nginx sends an HELO/EHLO command after a XCLIENT
   Thanks to Maxim D..

*) Feature: Microsoft specific "AUTH LOGIN with User Name" mode 

in mail proxy server.
Thanks to Maxim D…

*) Bugfix: in a redirect rewrite directive original arguments were
   concatenated with new arguments by an "?" rather than an "&";
   the bug had appeared in 0.1.18.
   Thanks to Maxim D..

*) Bugfix: nginx could not be built on AIX.

Once compiled, the server version is listed as 0.7.33. Is there a simple

Kevin W.

Thanks for pointing me to that file, Jim. Mine also had 0.7.34 in
nginx.h - I’m not sure what I did that caused the header to say

Kevin W.

did not restart?

Nginx version is defined in /path/to/nginx-0.7.34/src/core/nginx.h in
line 11.

line 11 : #define NGINX_VERSION “0.7.34”
line 12 : #define NGINX_VER “nginx/” NGINX_VERSION

It is correct in my download of 0.7.34 and the header is correct as


No, my build system was not running Nginx. I built the package and
transferred it to a test system, after uninstalling it there. Tried
the entire build process over a few times and still get the wrong
version. I am going to try to rebuild on a separate system today to
try to isolate this problem.

Kevin W.

Nginx 0.7.34 with most modules compiled in by default, is now

Kevin W.

On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 8:37 AM, Kevin W.