Changes with nginx 0.6.15 22 Oct

*) Feature: cygwin compatibility.
   Thanks to Vladimir Kutakov.

*) Feature: the "merge_slashes" directive.

*) Feature: the "gzip_vary" directive.

*) Feature: the "server_tokens" directive.

*) Bugfix: nginx did not unescape URI in the "include" SSI command.

*) Bugfix: the segmentation fault was occurred on start or while
   reconfiguration if variable was used in the "charset" or
   "source_charset" directives.

*) Bugfix: nginx returned the 400 response on requests like
   "GET HTTP/1.0".
   Thanks to James Oakley.

*) Bugfix: if request with request body was redirected using the
   "error_page" directive, then nginx tried to read the request body
   again; bug appeared in 0.6.7.

*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault occurred in worker process if no
   server_name was explicitly defined for server processing request;
   bug appeared in 0.6.7.