Changes with nginx 0.6.14 15 Oct

*) Change: now by default the "echo" SSI command uses entity 


*) Feature: the "encoding" parameter in the "echo" SSI command.

*) Feature: the "access_log" directive may be used inside the
   "limit_except" block.

*) Bugfix: if all upstream servers were failed, then all servers had
   got weight the was equal one until servers became alive; bug
   appeared in 0.6.6.

*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault occurred in worker process if
   $date_local and $date_gmt were used outside the

*) Bugfix: a segmentation fault might occur in worker process if 

log was enabled.
Thanks to Andrei Nigmatulin.

*) Bugfix: ngx_http_memcached_module did not set
   Thanks to Maxim D..

*) Bugfix: a worker process may got caught in an endless loop, if 

memcached was used.

*) Bugfix: nginx supported low case only "close" and "keep-alive"
   values in the "Connection" request header line; bug appeared in

*) Bugfix: sub_filter did not work with empty substitution.

*) Bugfix: in sub_filter parsing.