Changes with nginx 0.5.35 08 Jan

*) Change: now the ngx_http_userid_module adds start time 

to the cookie field contains a pid value.

*) Change: now the uname(2) is used on Linux instead of procfs.
   Thanks to Ilya Novikov.

*) Feature: the "If-Range" request header line support.
   Thanks to Alexander V. Inyukhin.

*) Bugfix: in HTTPS mode requests might fail with the "bad write 

error; bug appeared in 0.5.13.

*) Bugfix: the STARTTLS in SMTP mode did not work.
   Thanks to Oleg Motienko.

*) Bugfix: large_client_header_buffers did not freed before going to
   keep-alive state.
   Thanks to Olexander Shtepa.

*) Bugfix: the "limit_rate" directive did not allow to use full
   throughput, even if limit value was very high.

*) Bugfix: the $status variable was equal to 0 if a proxied server
   returned response in HTTP/0.9 version.

*) Bugfix: if the "?" character was in a "error_page" directive, 

it was escaped in a proxied request; bug appeared in 0.5.32.