:::next RUG-B filmchen am 8.5.08

Hallo Leute,

noch die Frage ob Ihr Lust auf einen Screencast etc. vor dem UserGroup
Treffen am 8.5.08 habt. Schaut bei SnapDecide rein und stimmt ab.
Start ist 18:00 Uhr.
Falls es euch egal ist was wir sehen, dann stimmt trotzdem ab, so sehe
ich wer alles kommt. Bis spätestens Donnerstag Mittag.
Zur Abstimmung:

Ok that’s it.


Hier noch die Filmliste zur freien Wahl und Erweiterung:

Da wären die Peepcodes: www.peepcode.com

  • Screencasting on the Mac
  • RSpec User Stories
  • Capistrano 2
  • FogBugz
  • rSpec Controllers and Tools
  • Ajax with Prototype.js
  • Rails from Scratch Part II
  • Rails from Scratch Part I
  • Javascript with Prototype.js
  • Page, Action, and Fragment Caching
  • Capistrano Concepts
  • RJS Templates
  • TextMate for Rails

railscasts: railscasts.com

  • 94 filmchen (5-10 min/film)

ruby+rails screencasts: www.rubyplus.org

  • 33 filmchen (5-20 min/film)

RubyConf2007 Vorträge: rubyconf2007.confreaks.com

  • What Makes Code Beautiful?
  • Advanced Ruby Class Design
  • Why Camping Matters
  • Introduction to AP4R
  • Treetop: Syntactic Analysis with Ruby
  • Avoiding Pitfalls in C Extensions
  • Controlling Electronics with Ruby
  • High Art on Top of Low-Level APIs: Building Games with Ruby
  • Hurting Code for Fun and Profit
  • Ropes: An Alternative to Ruby’s Strings
  • Town Meeting with Ruby Creator
  • State of IronRuby
  • JRuby: Ruby for the JVM
  • Rubinius
  • Profiling and Tuning Ruby 1.8
  • Tightening the Feedback Loop
  • Maximizing Productivity
  • Conversations vs. Laws
  • Essential Incompleteness in Program Modeling
  • Deployable Ruby Runtimes
  • Efficient Ruby to Javascript Compilation and Applications
  • Mac OS X Loves Ruby
  • Keynote Address: Does Language Matter?
  • Use Ruby to Generate More Ruby - RubiGen
  • Behaviour Driven Development with RSpec
  • Next-Gen VoIP Development with Adhearsion
  • Enhancing Embedded Development with Ruby
  • JRuby in the Wild
  • Cleanliness Is Next to Domain Specificity
  • Ruby and Identity: OpenID, CAS and Information Card
  • solr-ruby: The Best Open Source Search Engine + Ruby
  • Sploitin’ with Ruby (Point, Click, Root)
  • Gecode/R
  • DCov
  • A Recorder for FireWatir
  • Apotomo

RubyConf2005 Vorträge: brainspl.at/articles/2005/12/01/rubyconf-files-

  • AslakHellesoy
  • AustinZiegler
  • BrentRoman
  • DHH
  • FowlerAndWeirich
  • JimWeirich
  • KarlinFox
  • MatzKeynote
  • NathanielTalbott
  • OpenSpace
  • RyanDavis

google tech talks: video.google.com/googleplex.html