Next release of engine plugin?

Not trying to rush anybody, but I understand the dateboxengine
requires the engine plugin from SVN.

I prefer to use released tools, etc. If the current SVN engine plugin
is close to being released I will just wait on it. OTOH, if it is a
ways away I might get the SVN version just to get the datebox engine
to work.

So 2 questions. When is a new engine plugin likely to be available
and how stable is the SVN version?


Greg F.
The Norcross Group
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Stable versions of the Engines plugin are stored in SVN tags - you
might want to look at the repository README document to understand
what’s going on in there:

The current latest Engines plugin can be found at either of the
following urls:

The latter is permanent and guaranteed never to change. The former
will always track the latest ‘stable’ release. If you want to use edge
rails, you’ll want to look at the trunk instead.


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