Next beta of Rails Recipes is available


The second beta of Rails Recipes, Chad F.'s killer book or
writing real-world Rails, is now available.

It features seven new recipes:

  • In Place Editing
  • Making Your Own JavaScript Helper
  • Many To Many With Attributes On The Relationship
  • Dealing With Time Zones
  • Living On The Edge
  • Making Your Own Rails Plugins (contributed by Rick O., aka
  • Polymorphic Associations

This is just about the only place you’ll find information on these
brand new Rails features such as join models and polymorphic
associations. And until you read the section on In-Place editing, you
won’t believe how easy it is to create this style of Web 2.0
application (I was up half the night converting our in-house apps
after I read it.)

If you already have the beta, you can update it by visiting

If you’d like to get the book, it’s available now from