News re: wxWidgets on Mac OS X 10.6 64-bit

[32-bit versus 64-bit on OSX is just downright confusing! This issue
is just the tip-o-the-iceberg … The rest of GNU Radio, including
USRP support, can be made to work as 64-bit under 10.6; we’re working
on getting some fixes in place to handle 10.6 and 32/64 bits. - MLD]


When trying to build wx under 10.6 you might - on certain machines
[see below] - end up with errors like this:

./src/common/intl.cpp: In static member function ‘static int
wxLocale::GetSystemLanguage()’: …/src/common/intl.cpp:2060: error:
‘smScriptLang’ was not declared in this scope …/src/common/intl.cpp:
2060: error: ‘GetScriptVariable’ was not declared in this scope …/src/
common/intl.cpp:2061: warning: ‘GetScriptManagerVariable’ is
deprecated (declared at /System/Library/Frameworks/
Script.h:993) …/src/common/intl.cpp:2061: warning:
‘GetScriptManagerVariable’ is deprecated (declared at /System/Library/
Headers/Script.h:993) make: *** [baselib_intl.o] Error 1

The reason is that the default compiler on 10.6 is gcc 4.2, and if you
are on a Core 2 Duo which is 64-bit capable, you end up compiling
Carbon-only 2.8 for 64 bits which fails, due to the lack of 64-bit
Carbon support. If you want 64-bit wxWidgets on OS X you’ll need 2.9+
and configure -with-osx_cocoa - see below; but remember that 2.9 is
not an official, stable release and wxOSX/Cocoa is not yet complete.