Newly sourced plugin very slow to install

I have a plugin that I’ve written and stored on GoogleCode
( if
anybody wants to check it out)

Anyway, I added my svn repository as a source with:

script/plugin source

And I go to install my plugin:

script/plugin install checkbox_select

It will eventually install but it takes about 5 minutes… sometimes it
will throw a Timeout error.

Is there a reason for this? I’m guessing that there is a slow repository
somewhere in the default source list that is causing this issue. And it
seems that the script/plugin script will iterate the entire sources list
searching each one for the appropriate plugin name to install. Is this
really the best way to do this, especially if there is a default
repository that is causing issues?

If anybody has any thought on this please let me know.

(maybe the plugin script is being updated to include GIT for 2.1?)