Newbie's question. performance-critical or non-performance-critical?

Hi all,

I am new to GNU radio. I know that GNU Radio applications are primarily
written in Python, while performance-critical signal processing path is
implemented in C++. Here I am a little bit confused. If I am going to
a sinewave generating and processing block, Which language should I use?
my sinewave generating block performance-critical? I know it’s kind of a
stupid question…but I am confused by the words from gnuradio FAQ:

“”"Why bother with Python? I just want to code in C++!

It is currently being worked on (#128
There are a few different things that have to happen to support such a
(#118, but if you want to see it
quicker feel free to help out.

Python is only used to setup the flow graph. Once setup, most of the
work is
done in C++. “”"

My understand is if I am going to create a new block, I need to use C++
first to descript the signal processing. And then generate the flow
graph of
already defined blocks in python. Is that correct?

Please help. I was messed up by these consepts.




While it is still possible (and from my understanding, most people use
python) to use python to interface the underlying c++ blocks, there is
also the possibility to just use c++ for connecting the flowgraph, see
gnuradio-examples/c++/dial_tome for an example.

Hope this helps.