Newbie web development

Hello All,

I have been a C++ desktop applications developer for 10 years now, with
a bit of C# programming, still in desktop applications. I am excited to
make a move to learn web applications development. I figure since I am
starting basically from scratch that I get to pick the server side
language without bias based on what I already know. I really like what
I read about Ruby and Rails.

My C++ background has given me a good bit of OOP and I have a notion of
MVC and agile development methodologies, including TDD. I only have the
most vague notions of how the web really works, and no database
experience at all. What I am learning about the whole web pipeline is
that there are lots of tiers with lots of different options at each
level, and it can be a bit daunting to wrap your head around. I can see
there are MANY MANY resources out there, so the problem is not the lack
of resources, but rather that it is like trying to drink from a fire
hydrant. I have found some good references on RAILS and Ruby, but from
what I have browsed, it seems that these are tailored for people who
already have a grasp on web development and are migrating to Rails.

So my question is this: What would you all recommend as a course of
study for someone like me that is new to all web development, but
would like to learn about it all, with an emphasis on Ruby and Rails?
Where should I go first? I am working on the Rolling with Ruby example
now, and that is helping a good bit, and I will move on to the getting
started examples on the site. Any other recommendations
on a course of study would be greatly appreciated.

– Rick