Newbie testing questions

I recently wrote my first gem and am now in the process of learning how
to write tests for it before I release.

My gem is pretty basic and really just has a few class files with some
methods for using GET to an API that returns some JSON data.

I’m trying to come up with what I should be testing for, but to be
honest this is where testing has always stumped me.

If I have a class file that looks like the following:

module MyModule

class MyClass < MyParentClass

  def search(keyword)



The method in this class uses the HTTParty gem and just does a get on
this URL which returns JSON.

Is it a valid use case to test for the keyword argument? I am not sure
if there is any benefit to testing this since it’s so very basic. It’s a
good experiment for me since I am so new to testing but I really want to
understand what specifically I should be testing.

Any guidance would be greatly appreicated.


Hi Friends.

I’m an absolute Tester (little experience on development upto college
level) and had been asked to Test an application developed in Rails. As
our client selected Rspec, I have no other go.

Can anyone help me with a basic program in Rspec how to open GMAIL,
enter username / password , then login.

Thanks in advance ,