Newbie: Symbol as array index error

Hi all

I’m terrible sorry for this newbie question, but I really can’t figure
it out. :open_mouth:

I want to create a method that accepts a hash of parameters:

def write_email *args


But when I call it…

<%= write_email :name => ‘info’, :domain => ‘’,
:subject => ‘ - Kontaktanfrage’, :body => ‘Hoi du!
:-)’ %>

I get this error:

Symbol as array index

Where’s the problem? Thanks for help…

On Aug 9, 2006, at 23:03, Joshua M. wrote:

Where’s the problem? Thanks for help…

It’s the splat operator in the method definition, which tells Ruby
that args is an array. You don’t need it, since the hash literal in
the method call is a single hash, not a collection of separate

def test_the_first *args
puts args.class
p args

test_the_first :foo => :bar, :moose => :squirrel
[{:foo=>:bar, :moose=>:squirrel}]

def test_the_second args
puts args.class
p args

test_the_second :foo => :bar, :moose => :squirrel
{:foo=>:bar, :moose=>:squirrel}

Hope that helps.

matthew smillie.

Thanks a lot, I got it now. :slight_smile:

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