Newbie: Submitting the same form multiple times at once

Hi everyone! I have a view that outputs several versions of the same
form, and I want the user to be able to fill all of them out, and hit
submit once. When that happens, I want each form entry to be submitted
into a database table. I just don’t know how to do that. Here’s what I
have now:

<% @gameweek.each do |game| %>

<% end %>
<%= %> <%= text_field 'guess', 'hometeam_score' %> <%= text_field 'guess', 'visitingteam_score' %> <%= %> <%= game.gameweek %>

<%= submit_tag “Submit” %>

And the controller:

def create
@guess =[:guess])
flash[:notice] = ‘

Your game has been

redirect_to :controller => ‘guess’, :action => ‘index’
render :action => ‘new’

I don’t know how to tell the controller to take each of those tr forms
and process them seperately. I’m sure this is easy, but I’ve never done
something like this before.


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