Newbie stuff: Adding a New Library Class



I have been successful in playing around with model, views and
controllers in Rails. Along the way, I learnt that some of the reusable
stuff could be made library classes. I want to create a lib which will
render a form and form elements.

I created a class Mylib.rb in /lib folder.
The class tructure looks like this

class Mylib
helper FormTagHelper

attr_accessor :name, :range, :name, :category, :sort, :page, 

:height, :width …

def initialize(name, options = {})
    @name = name
    @range = options[:range]
    @category = options[:category]

When I run this code, I get two errors:

  1. Symbol as array index
    This is on the line @range = options[:range]

  2. And further, I want to use form tag helpers in my class. I need to
    use select_tag, options_for_select in the lib. I am not sure how to do
    this. Please, please someone help me in the right direction.