Newbie questions for publish the site

I’m a newbie and I have many about how to publish my website made in

I developed a simple site in Ruby with MySQL for learning, in
development environment work fine, now I will publish in my site hosted
on HostGator, my site work in Linux with Apache web server with support
for Ruby on Rails, I have some questions for publish:

  1. I need upload all created folders (app, components, config, db, doc,
    lib, log, public, script, test, tmp, vendor)?

  2. How Ruby will know what database will be used ‘development’ or

I uploaded my entire website folder to a folder ‘test’ in my website and
when I access / I get the error below:

Application error
Rails application failed to start properly"

  1. Yes upload all created folders.

  2. Because in your database.yml file you should tell it which database
    is which. Then you can set “development” and “production” in
    A. Ensure that dispatch.cgi/.fcgi/.rb are all 755 (CHMOD 775,
    properties->executable, etc)
    B. If that doesn’t work, post the apache error logs.

    1. I need upload all created folders (app, components, config,
      db, doc,


  1. I change dispatch.cgi/.fcgi/.rb to 755
  2. I change to ENV[‘RAILS_ENV’] ||= ‘production’, in environment.rb
  3. Don’t work, below the apache error log:

Premature end of script headers:

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