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Hey guys, I have a pretty much noob question here.

I’m having problems adding values that come from a database, for example
I have several orders in the database, and they have their amounts I can
them using something like

@outstanding = @bill.find_all_by_status('1').sum {|bill| 


and it works properly.

However, there are some instances where I would just like to add certain
values however everytime I want to do something like this

@outstanding += @bill.amount

It doesn’t work properly. It gives me a nil + error.

I’m sure you’ve all gone through this before. If someone could help me
would be great.

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You should initialize @outstanding first before trying to add something
to it. So for example first set @outstanding to zero and then do
@outstanding += @bill.amount

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And you’re sure that item.amount has been initialized?
I would suggest using the script/console command to test this out…
script/console opens up an IRB window that will allow you access to all
your models… you can do a find statement just like you would in your
actual site
outstanding = 0
Bill.find_by_status_id(1).each do |bill|
puts outstanding, bill.amount
outstanding += bill.amount
And see what the values are when it errors (see if it thinks that
outstanding is nil, or bill.amount)
If that works perfectly, then you are somehow un-initializing one of
values elsewhere in your application.


Thanks for the reply.

The problem I’m getting is that say I initialize it to 0 or 0.0 since
it’s a
float. I’m still getting the same issue.

It’s weird, could you or anyone else show me a working sample of this?

I’ve tried doing this

@outstanding = 0
for item in @items
if item.status == 1
@outstanding += item.amount

and I get an error.

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