Newbie question: Trouble getting HABTM to return joined data


I’m having a stupid moment!
two tables Jobs and Addresses are joined with jobs_addresses.
jobs_addresses has Job_id and Address_id.
In console I can query @job.addresses and see the attribute address_id
but I can’t figure out how to populate an address array (or hash) from
that attribute. BTW, the purpose here is to return a list containing job
data with address details attached
Many Thanks,


Not quite clear what you want here, but maybe this will help you

First, has_and_belongs_to_many looks for the joined table names in
alphabetical order. Yours are reversed, so make sure you map them:

has_and_belongs_to_many :addresses, :join_table => “jobs_addresses”

Second, remember you are dealing with a collection, so to deal with
each item you can call each and pass a block, or use find() to get
the specific item:

job.addresses.each do |address|
#do something to address

address = job.addesses.find()
#do something to the address



Jamie Orchard-Hays wrote:

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Hi Jamie - thanks for the response.

What I want to get is a list of jobs containing job_number, job_type,
etc. from Jobs. Appended to each of those I want address_1, address_2,
suburb, etc. from Addresses.

I have the models set to specify the join_table so that’s OK (I found
the lexical rating thing yesterday)

When I query @job.addresses in console I see an address_id equal to 2
which is correct. When I try to get that to return an actual address I
run into problems - NoMethodError, etc… So, I guess I’m asking How do I
get to the address table with this information so eadch job will display
an address in the list.

Thanks again for helping - I guess this is a fundamentally dumb
question, but I’m new to both Ruby and Rails and need some help in
understanding the relationships