Newbie question: How to get an object in the Controller from

I’m trying to pass an object from the View to the controller as a
hidden field. And am confused about a few things.

For a hidden field, how do I pass a complete object to the
For example, I have an object of type Issue, what should the second
argument be in the following:

<%= hidden_field(“issue”, ?, “value” => @issue) %>

Is that even possible?

Secondly, how would I access this object in the controller?
params[:issue][:id] doesn’t work.

Someone suggested I should put the object in the session. How do I
put and retrieve variables from the session?

Any help would be appreciated.


Fields are HTML not Ruby. They only hold text. You can do
then the controller is going to have to use .to_i to get an integer
and Issue.find_by_id to locate the object.


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