Newbie question about pictures

Hi I’m french, new in ror and on this board.
I want to create a blog for my band and to put picture on it.
I don’t know how to do this at all.
Do I have to create a database with the pictures name and path or is
there a function …
thx for your comprehension and help…

I just want to put one or two pictures by article.

Hi Maxime,

The easiest way to get started with files is, imo, file_column.

Have a look in the wiki:

/Richard Johansson

Just search for already made programs that will let you run your site.
You can start your search at
Don’t bother to program what ppl already built.
Good luck with your music :wink:


you should take a look at typo, a bloggging ror program

you should also get file_column which handles pictures uploading. you
to include a ‘image’ column in your tables (for example add ‘image’ -
varchar 255 - to the Post table). the guy who did this looks like he
french so he might help u

u need to install imagemagick and rmagick to make this work

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