Newbie question about classes

Is there any special way to define a class in Ruby that will have just
one instance object? I do not need even a class name.

I mean something simple like that

obj = class { def foo; puts “Foo”; end }.new

You can use the singleton lib, look:

Your “new” method will become a private method and you`ll instantiate
object using “.instance”

I hope to be helpful.

Thank you Wender J. for your fast answer. I read the referenced
documentation but I do not think it is what I was looking for. In fact,
I am not trying to avoid multiple instances. I devise the use of an
object of a class as a mean to access users methods from within a class
I am writing. Something like that;

User’s code

class Anyname
def something

do something


def something_else

do something_else

end # Anyname

obj =
another_obj =

My class

class MyClass
def initialize(user_obj)
@user = user_obj

def anything
@user.something if @user.respond_to?(“something”)

def anything_else
@user.something_else if @user.respond_to?(“something_else”)
end # MyClass

In this case, it is pointless to create more than one object Anyname.