Newbie Question 2: Posting to Typo blogs via email


Apologies - this is probably another stupid newbie question…


I have an ADSL connection, a domain, and a spare box running Mac OS
X . I am teaching myself some Ruby and Ruby on Rails (hobby only)
so Typo looked like a fun choice for some blogging software. Thanks,

I am thus hosting my own mailserver and Typo blogs - I have
downloaded and installed latest Apache 2.2 , Mongrel (cluster),
Ruby, Rails, Typo, Postgresql and friends. Apache is thus set up as
the front webserver, proxying requests to mongrel instances.

I can post using the admin webpages, and I have got Textmate working

Is there any way I can set up posting via email? EG - I send a mail
in markdown to a given email address,and the post is published in a
typo blog?

In particular, I keep my photos in Apple’s Aperture, which makes it
easy to select a photo and email it. Would be great if I could add
text , press send and have a blog post.

Many thanks for any assistance.