Newbie Question 1: Access control to Typo blogs


Apologies - this is probably a stupid newbie question…


I have an ADSL connection, a domain, and a spare box running Mac OS
X . I am teaching myself some Ruby and Ruby on Rails (hobby only)
so Typo looked like a fun choice for some blogging software. Thanks,

I have downloaded and installed latest Apache 2.2 , Mongrel
(cluster), Ruby, Rails, Typo, Postgresql and friends.

Apache is thus set up as the front webserver, proxying requests to
mongrel instances.

I have set up 3 blogs which live in /Local/Sites/blog1, /Local/Sites/
blog2, & /Local/Sites/blog3.

They are served up by, http://,,

I would like blog1 to be private to a small group of users for
posting and reading. Blogs 2 and 3 are eventually for public reading

Typo admin seems to control write access but leave read access open.

The question is: should I use Apache to control access, and if so how
does that fit with Typo, or am I misunderstanding what Typo does?

Many thanks for any assistance.


Hi Nick ~

Typo is designed to be a public facing blog with a private admin. If
you want to limit access to the public portion, the quickest strategy
would be to control access via http_auth using apache. This can be
done in your directory setup in your http.conf, or included file. The
admin section will still be controlled by the user name and password
in the Typo DB.

~ Ben

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Many thanks for any assistance.

Ben R.