Newbie q: Truncate text field

I’m trying to incorporate a field where a user can enter a quantity
(online store app). I’ve tried adding this to my

<%= text_field 'line_items', 'quantity' %>

(I’m a total newbie so if there is a better way to pass the qty for an
online order please do suggest!)

That does indeed put a quantity field where I want it but it’s pretty
big. Changing the length of the dbase field doesn’t reduce it. Ideally
I’d like it big enough to enter 3 digits and that’s it. How can I do

Thanks in advance…

<%= text_field ‘line_items’, ‘quantity’ :size=>3%>

bruce balmer wrote:

<%= text_field ‘line_items’, ‘quantity’ :size=>3%>

Ok, I got it, full line of code ended up being:

<%= text_field 'line_items', 'quantity',{: size=>3} %>

Thanks Bruce!


You’re welcome. Odd thing is that you don’t need those curly braces
around :size=>whatever. Maybe it is correct form and maybe it is
important and MAYBE I am lucky that my sites are working.

Anyone care to comment?