Newbie - Problem Two - Ruby and Form Variables, re-loading l

I am attempting to copy a PHP project I did in Ruby.

I basically have a search form / web page, which looks for matching
records and displays them prior to the search box form.

I reload the page with

I then use the isset function to test whether any records have been
displayed and skip the display and go straight to the form. I know
this could have been achieved with javascript, but that was a no no.

I have discovered require cgi and it sems to give me all the info I
need, but how do I replicate the form button action re-loading the page
with all the variables in tact.



On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 07:03:34AM +0900, [email protected]

If I remember my PHP correctly, $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’] is simply the
name of the currently executing file. The Ruby equivalent is


Thanks for the replies, and yes PHP_SELF is the name of the running
current page.

I am sorry to be stupid, but how do I get the form action to execute
basename(FILE) as I did with:

<FORM action="<?php print $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?>" method="POST"

Thanks again


basename() is a PHP function, not a Ruby one.

~ ryan ~

Actually, you’ll also need to call basename(). So,

basename($_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’] ) == FILE

~ ryan ~

On Jan 5, 2006, at 6:22 PM, J. Ryan S. wrote:

basename() is a PHP function, not a Ruby one.

$ ri -T File::basename
--------------------------------------------------------- File::basename
File.basename(file_name [, suffix] ) -> base_name

  Returns the last component of the filename given in file_name,
  which must be formed using forward slashes (``/'') regardless of
  the separator used on the local file system. If suffix is given
  and present at the end of file_name, it is removed.

     File.basename("/home/gumby/work/ruby.rb")          #=>

File.basename("/home/gumby/work/ruby.rb", “.rb”) #=> “ruby”

James Edward G. II

Thanks James. :slight_smile:

~ ryan ~

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