Newbie issue with routes

i am new to all of this so bear with me.

so i am running the rails appliance that i downloaded from vmware. it
runs rails over lighttpd. i have the server set up so that i can see
the test app, rforum.test. i used rails to set up a second app
‘status’. both apps are in my /www/ directory. i have my hosts file on
my windows machine set up so that i can navigate to ‘rforum.test’ or
‘status’ and the corresponding site will be loaded. the only problem is
that i CANT get the splash page to stop showing for the ‘status’ app.

i have tried deleting index.html from the public folder. that didnt
work. i created a new index.html and when i navigate to
status/index.html, that page is displayed, but when i just navigate to
status/ the original is still displayed.

I have one controller(status) and one view(index.rhtml) created. this
is how my routes.rb script is set:

map.connect ‘’, :controller => ‘status’, :action => ‘index’
map.connect ‘:controller/:action/:id’

is this correct or is there anything i am obvioiusly doing wrong?